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Knopf MapGuides: London: The City in Section-by-Section Maps Paperback – January 8, 2019

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This opening fold-out contains a general map of London to help you visualize the 8 large districts discussed in this guide, and 4 pages of valuable information, handy tips and useful addresses. Discover London through 8 districts and 8 mapsWestminster/ WhitehallCovent Garden/ Soho/ BloomsburyCity/ St Paul’sSouthwark/ Tower BridgeSouthbank/ WaterlooMayfair/ MaryleboneChelsea/ South Kensington/ BelgraviaKensington/ Notting HillFor each district there is a double-page of addresses (restaurants — listed in ascending order of price — cafés, bars, tearooms, music venues and stores) followed by a fold-out map for the relevant area with the essential places to see (indicated on the map by a star *). These places are by no means all that London has to offer but to us they are unmissable. The grid-referencing system (A B2) makes it easy for you to pinpoint addresses quickly on the map.Transportation and hotels in LondonThe last fold-out consists of a transportation map and 4 pages of practical information that include a selection of hotels. A thematic index lists all the sites and addresses featured in this guide.

Customers Reviews

Buy it- it is what you need

5.0 out of 5.0 by C. Braden on April 21, 2017
BUY THIS...I bought two! Great idea, little zones, close up big letter (you can actually read) maps not all confused with teensy print stuff. Ideally, they would make one of these fold out things with bus numbers, but you can look those up. It's small, bigger than pocket but not much, has maybe 8 zones, each with a readable map (I am 66 as of today and I can see the print). Tube map in the back, major cites are drawn in so you see where they are. If you are lost or wandering or wanting to verify grab this baby out of the backpack and voila- clarification. My bro is going to London and needs a 3 day lead and a map to find the bathroom in our house, so this is essential, and I can release him on London with this and a compass and a cell phone and only pace HALF the night...ha ha ha...really, he is HOPELESS. But, then they called my mom "wrong way" all her life so the apple and the tree...
Better than the other guides out there.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mela on March 12, 2019
I never got lost in London using this guide. It’s clear, well thought out and the sections are accurate. It’s easy to read and follow and gives nice suggestions. I’m using it again this year when I return to London. It’s actually packed, first thing I did!
Great book to get around London

5.0 out of 5.0 by Brendan on July 10, 2017
Ok, I love maps. I don't always trust the cell phone service when I am travelling and I love to have back up. I placed this in my purse and used it for my trip to London. Loved it!! It is compact, easy to read and helps keep you organized as you travel via bus or tube. It is my favorite type of map organization and I am hoping to find more cities from this company and use them over and over. I don't comment on many of my orders, but I felt this one deserved a shout out!!
Best lightweight summary guide

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sarah on November 27, 2018
I buy this guide for any city I visit and for which a guide exists. Yes, you should do other research, but while you're walking around and maybe the phone is dead or no Wi-Fi or whatever and your plans change, this little guide comes through - with maps, restaurants, and the best places to visit.I bought a new one as a gift and a used one for myself.l for a city I regularly visit. The used one was 10 years old; better to buy the new one for a few bucks more.
More than just a map

5.0 out of 5.0 by Cascade book lover on November 30, 2011
This little book is a nice combination of guide and map. I'm somewhat obsessed with finding the perfect guidebook every time I take a trip ... I often buy more than one just to be sure I don't miss anything. While it's great to have that kind of information on hand, it's best to have on hand back at the hotel in my suitcase rather than weighing down my purse while I'm out sightseeing. I read through my big guidebooks, then made a few sticky notes with a few things I wanted to remember and stuck them on the relevant pages of this one to take with me. After all, who needs to lug a guidebook containing things like hotel information around all day?This is a great size for carrying in a purse. It's also small enough that my husband can be persuaded to stow it in his jacket. Even better!The book starts out with a double-page horizontal fold-out showing a map of the entire city divided into 10 sections. It gives some very basic information on the city, getting around, etc. Each section then gets its own two-page vertical fold-out, including a larger map. Points of interest are reviewed, including a number of restaurants, bars, shopping, and things to see. There are lots of color pictures on every page. The maps include Underground stations and there's also an Underground map in the back.The section maps are MUCH easier to read than the little maps you can get from the hotels or at the Metro stations. Not only is the print bigger, but the maps themselves are not as unwieldy as a regular map. I felt just a little less touristy reading them.While I wouldn't recommend this as your ONLY guide to London, overall I think they did a good job of balancing the need for information with a manageable size.
BUY IT! This mapguide is my go to for ANY city

5.0 out of 5.0 by Christine M on March 20, 2014
This is my sixth city Knopf mapguide purchase and I can't rave enough about them. I started with the Rome guide and was the envy of my travel buddies (all 25 of them) the entire trip. These guides provide the best street detail of any map guide I have ever used. They are small and compact and are really easy to pack in a daypack or medium size purse. The paper is of good quality, sturdy and has held up over multiple used. The small fold out individual maps make your "where am I" a bit more discreet. Also, the fold-out maps make it easy to put back together and store. I have loaned my guidebooks many of my friends and recommend them as a "must have" when they travel.
TERRIFIC. The formatting is brilliant

5.0 out of 5.0 by RBLB on April 30, 2017
TERRIFIC. The formatting is brilliant!! Of the suggestions I checked out for restaurants, cafes, shopping, etc. given for each section, every one was worthwhile. Even my friend who has lived in London most of his life was impressed and enjoyed using it with me.
Pretty but useless when you're a walker

2.0 out of 5.0 by Beatrice Izzey on April 21, 2012
I studied this map two months before I went to London for the first time. This map made me think it's a cozy, easy-strolling, pretty, understandable, doable city.Once I was there, when I started trying to navigate using this map, I learned that it had created an illusion of simplicity. It was actually quite useless, as it gives the names of the bigger streets, and omits the tiny myriad side streets.The Tube map should have been integrated into the map, but while the map shows the stations, you don't get the sense of which stations connect. You need to have a Tube map to do a side by side comparison, constantly.I wound up buying a London A-Z map which gives every tiny alley, notes every dead end. The A-Z is "too much information," but it does not attempt to sugarcoat and obfuscate. My recommendation, based on experience: buy the London A-Z and a compass, as there are few North-South streets.