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Knopf Guide to The Holy Land

by Knopf



Used Book in Good Condition


Home to Christians, Jews and Muslims, the Holy Land is a region of extraordinary religious, cultural, and social diversity. From the spectacular monuments of the ancient world to the bustling modernity of today's cities, it is a land of contrasts in touch at once with the past and with the future. Here is a book that will take you through these dramatic landscapes. Walk through Jerusalem and visit the celebrated Western Wall; the wondrous Dome of the Rock; the Via Dolorosa--route to the Crucifixion; and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, site of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection. See Nimrod's fortress, the towering citadel that guarded the trade route from Damascus to the Mediterranean coast. Experience the solitude of the dramatic site of Masada, high above the Dead Sea. Learn about Byzantine, Islamic, and Jewish architecture. See the Holy Land as famous painters have seen it and in the words of famous writers. Discover where to shop and where to stop for refreshments. How to take a bus, make a telephone call, find out about concerts, theaters, tours, or festivals, choose a hotel or a restaurant--it's all here, and more, in a stunning format that combines pictures and words to capture the history, the culture, and the treasures of the Holy Land as never before.
Knopf Guides' The Holy Land is an exquisitely illustrated guide to that part of the world held holy by Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike. Covering the Sinai, Eilat, Beersheba, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Masada, and the area around Tiberias, including Upper and Lower Galilee, the Golan, Nazareth, and the Jordan, the book is a rich mixture of history, culture, and sightseeing tips. The first five chapters cover nature, history, arts and tradition, religions, and architecture. The following two chapters discuss how the Holy Land has been depicted in art and in literature. The next six chapters divide the area by region, each taking the reader on a beautifully illustrated tour of the landmarks, historical events, and modern-day people. At the back of the book are specific itineraries such as "The Holy Land in Three Weeks" or "Jerusalem in Three Days" along with lots of practical information on everything from how to catch a bus to how to make a phone call. The Holy Land is a book that's as much fun to look at as it is to read.