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Pull up a lounge chair and have a cocktail at Sunset Beach – it comes with a twist.Drue Campbell’s life is adrift. Out of a job and down on her luck, life doesn’t seem to be getting any better when her estranged father, Brice Campbell, a flamboyant personal injury attorney, shows up at her mother’s funeral after a twenty-year absence. Worse, he’s remarried – to Drue’s eighth grade frenemy, Wendy, now his office manager. And they’re offering her a job. It seems like the job from hell, but the offer is sweetened by the news of her inheritance – her grandparents’ beach bungalow in the sleepy town of Sunset Beach, a charming but storm-damaged eyesore now surrounded by waterfront McMansions. With no other prospects, Drue begrudgingly joins the firm, spending her days screening out the grifters whose phone calls flood the law office. Working with Wendy is no picnic either. But when a suspicious death at an exclusive beach resort nearby exposes possible corruption at her father’s firm, she goes from unwilling cubicle rat to unwitting investigator, and is drawn into a case that may – or may not – involve her father. With an office romance building, a decades-old missing persons case re-opened, and a cottage in rehab, one thing is for sure at Sunset Beach: there’s a storm on the horizon. Sunset Beach is a compelling ride, full of Mary Kay Andrews' signature wit, heart, and charm.

Customers Reviews

great summer read

4.0 out of 5.0 by Amber Goleb on May 7, 2019
I am quickly becoming a Mary Kay Andrews fan. This is my second read of hers. I definitely plan to be reading more in the future.This author is one of those authors that I didn't expect to thoroughly enjoy. Her covers scream light and fluffy romance, which is not my thing. It's definitely not something I prefer to read regularly. However, her covers are very deceiving. Her books might be a bit lighter, but they are not a straight romance.This book is the perfect mix of intrigue, mystery, a little suspense, and a little romance. There was enough in this book to keep me turning the pages... wondering whodunit. Who was in on it? Who will Drue end up with? Just who is the good guy? Who is the bad guy? Will I get an HEA with this book?Needless to say, I am more than glad I decided to pick up this book. It was definitely what I needed to read.
First time disappointed in a MKA book

3.0 out of 5.0 by C. Taylor on May 10, 2019
First let me say that I love MKA books but this one left me disappointed. Her other books are light & funny which are the reasons I buy them. I didn't like the characters in this book and I also didn't like the 2 different murder mysteries. I enjoy MKA for fun reads, this really wasn't a fun read. This is the first time I have had to force myself to finish one of her books usually I can't put them down because I enjoy them so much. I am not saying it was a terrible book it was just not what I was expecting from MKA.
Disappointed me

2.0 out of 5.0 by E. Mcneill on May 24, 2019
I look forward every summer to MKA's books--have loved them, laughed with them, hated to see them end. This is the first time I've had a very hard time getting into the book--have read about 3 chapters and am just not liking anyone in the book so far. Did not realize this was a murder mystery book, and that's not my normal genre. I love her books because they are light-hearted, usually about women of a certain age, and totally relateable. The people in this book are not relateable at least to me.
Unsympathetic, whiney main character.

1.0 out of 5.0 by PhotoNut on May 10, 2019
I thought great a guilty pleasure beach read. It has a lot of elements that I usually enjoy — young woman at a crossroads, an unexpected inheritance of a beach cottage and so on. This plot doesn’t have to be original to be fun, in a way the formula is what we’re looking for. But the main character is so unlikeable, including a drunken one-night stand in the first few pages, that I am putting it down. The rest of the characters are equally awful and I don’t want to read any more to see if the author can dig out of this. I think I will just wait for a better beach read to come along.
Not up to standard.

1.0 out of 5.0 by MissMommy on June 9, 2019
I have read all of this author’s books and this was by far the worst. Un-likeable characters, lack of continuity and just plain too lengthy were a few of the problems with this novel. The conclusion was morally horrendous and very cobbled together. Reject this bit of unsatisfying reading and try any of the author’s previous works, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This was so disappointing!
Trocheck or Andrews

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on May 13, 2019
I always loved her mysteries! I am so grateful that she has come back around to her Trocheck mystery days. I have read all her novels, Trocheck and Andrews, and felt the pen name had it's purpose, so glad the public realized her worth through the Andrews name, but definitely glad she is able to mix love, beach, and mystery now!
Beach read meets mystery!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Danielle on May 22, 2019
Sunset Beach was one of my most anticipated releases of 2019 and it didn’t disappoint! I absolutely loved the beach read vibe mixed with a mystery...or two! The main character, Drue, has her life flipped upside down and she has to start over in a new city, with new friends, and an old beloved house. Her heart grows fond for a young client whose mother was killed and she, despite everyone telling her to leave it alone, wants to solve the case. With all these new people in her life and her trust issues, who can she turn to? Will it be the right choice or will she run into trouble?
Read it at the Beach

4.0 out of 5.0 by TJ Herbranson on May 8, 2019
I'm a big fan of MKA and I thought this one was a really nice read with lots of twists! Read it in two days at the beach.