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Nicorette Nicotine Gum to Quit Smoking, 2 mg, Cinnamon Surge Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 160 Count

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Quit smoking with the help of Nicorette, use 2 milligrams of nicotine gum if you smoke more than 30 minutes after waking up Nicorette Gum in Cinnamon Surge provides a bold flavor and helps deliver relief from intense cravings Unlike other quit smoking products, Nicorette is formulated with dual coated technology for great taste Nicorette Gum helps relieve the cravings, anxiety, frustration, irritability and restlessness associated with quitting smoking (use as directed) Chew at least 9 pieces of Nicorette Gum for the first 6 weeks, complete the 12 week program and get support from, a free online resource

Customers Reviews

Still my fave

5.0 out of 5.0 by N. Kerr on March 3, 2019
Ive been chewing Nicorette for a while now and i have tried them all. There are a few reasons why i choose this particular one.1) PRODUCT TYPE: I have tried everything: cold turkey, e-cigs, patches, gum, and even the lozenges. IMO the gum works the best. I think this is because u can still maintain the “habit” without actually smoking. For example, after a good meal or after fun time with ur significant other, instead of going outside to smoke i just pop a piece of gum in my mouth. The e-cigs work just as good for the habit factor but i found myself e-smoking twice as often vs when I actually smoked cigarettes (if not more). The patch works by constantly keeping nicotine in ur system so u dont get the satisfaction like u do when u smoke or chew the gum.2) BRAND: The drug store brands dont work very well compared to Nicorette. I tried switching over to save money but found i needed 2-3 times as much to have the same effect which ended up costing more money3) STRENGTH: I use the 4mg vs the 2mg because i find myself chewing 2-3 times more pieces with the 2mg.4) FLAVOR: I have chewed ALL of the Nicorette gums in every flavor. I like the Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, and Spearmint but have found that the flavor in the cinnamon one lasts the longest.Disclaimer: I have been chewing nicotine gum every day for over 10 years now. I switched one habit for another. The plus side is that nicotine gum isnt that bad for you and definitely wont give u lung cancer. U also dont have to worry about second hand fresh breath from chewing the gum. But it does cost just as much (if not more) than smoking. I will always choose the gum over cigarettes for healtg reasons. But if u really want to quit smoking going cold turkey is the only way that works. I quit smoking for several years back in 2001 and i did it by going cold turkey. When the cravings got rough i ran for 5 min as fast as i could, so much so my lungs hurt and the last thing i wanted was a cigarette.I love the gum... just be aware that u are still going to be physically addicted to nicotene.
Authentic product at an awesome price!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Justin B. on April 19, 2016
Authentic sealed packaging. No knock off here. Works great. Make sure you chew the gum a few times & then tuck it into your lip like someone who chews tobacco. I had tried gums before but it never worked I always just chewed the gum and it didn't help. You have to sit the gum between your lip and gum to absorb the nicotine correctly. I'm so glad I'm a ex-smoker and don't give up you can be too!
30% increase, No thanks!

1.0 out of 5.0 by ShaneT on February 22, 2019
Unfortunately, I love this product. I just purchased it on February 1, 2019 for $41.27 / box. Now it's $53.65. I guess it's time to quit Nicorette and Amazon for that matter if they are going to play these games.
The coating lasts and lasts far longer than any other brand!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sany123 on December 20, 2018
This is the very best coated gum I’ve ever had. Usually the coating lasts for such a short time that you can’t taste it after 30-60 seconds, but with Nicolette’s coated gum, it can last up to an hour! To me this makes me use less of the gum and saves me a lot of money. That is A BIG PLUS! And the price is no more than buying cheaper products whose coatings last less than a minute. I will keep buying this product.
All the nicotine, none of the cancer!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dr Het on October 4, 2014
People who have "tried the gum and don't like it" should try this. I found out the hard way that generic nicotine gum is horrible. This gum tastes great and provides an arguably safe alternative to smoking. To be clear, I don't smoke, but I learned that nicotine helps me focus my attention and improves my concentration and memory at work. It also acts as an appetite suppressant, or more accurately, helps me avoid sugary-fatty snacks between meals.
This gum could/should be better...

4.0 out of 5.0 by Julie G. on March 20, 2018
The Walgreen's version of this gum actually tastes better & holds its flavor longer. I'm surprised, especially considering the price difference, but lesson learned!
Go with nicorette brand!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Megan on June 1, 2016
WAY better than the generic! For your physical and dental health go with the brand. I think the equate brand pulled a filling out! The texture is nice and the flavor is great. Would recommend to someone quitting smoking. Thanks!

5.0 out of 5.0 by C. Mackie on October 21, 2014
I quite smoking using Nicorette in 2005 - unfortunately, I started smoking again in 2012. Gonna use Nicorette to quit again, eventually.The taste of all the gums are awesome. The only things I can complain about is the price and if you chew too many pieces in a short period of time (which can happen if you are really jonesing), you're gonna get a stomach ache.

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