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SHAVIV 90081 Scrape-Burr 4-piece Kit




4-Pack featuring three SHAVIV "Scrape-Burr" models and one "Glo-Burr B" model for easy deburring
This kit features 3 styles of scrapers from the SHAVIV roster affixed on Glo-Burr style pocket clipped handles
Features the heavy duty C42, All-Purpose C40, and E400 Fine-Finish scrapers
Works great with applications such as hole-edge surfaces and flat surfaces


SHAVIV by Vargus is the original hand deburring tool in the market since the 1960's and is today distributed all over the world. SHAVIV is the answer to unwanted burrs on a wide variety of materials such as metal, plastics, wood and more. Wherever the burr, SHAVIV has the tool in its extensive range to solve your problem. Look to SHAVIV for the tools to do the finishing problems that a machine just can't handle. With SHAVIV there is no downtime, so you increase your productivity. Shaviv Part 90081 4-Pack features three SHAVIV "Scrape-Burr" models and one "Glo-Burr B" model for easy deburring. Includes Scrape=Burrs 40, 42 400 and one Glo-Burr B (Yellow).