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Whitmor Clear Gift Wrap Organizer - Zippered Storage for 25 Rolls

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Clear gift wrap storage organizer stores multiple rolls of gift wrap to stay organized throughout the year and holiday season Keeps gift wrap sorted, stored, and easy to see in between uses Designed with a zippered top that protects against dust, moisture, and other damage Assembled Dimensions: 8.7" x 31" inches Stores up to 25 standard 30" rolls of wrapping paper Durable organizer with lightweight construction and handles for easy carry Clear storage holds gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbon & other wrapping supplies For over 70 years, Whitmor has been bringing organization home. If you have questions or problems, please contact us for immediate assistance.

Customers Reviews

Didn't fit the tall ones

4.0 out of 5.0 by Madeleine Kellner on December 19, 2015
This doesn't fit around the larger rolls of paper, so I might need to find another for those.
MISLEADING organizer - very poor seam construction - failed on first load.

1.0 out of 5.0 by BMS on December 29, 2016
This gift wrap organizer, in concept, appears good. HOWEVER, beware, IT IS VERY LIGHT CONSTRUCTION that cannot handle standard gift wrap rolls. It may be sufficient for a few rolls that are super-light (particularly rolls with a large cardboard tube and little paper on it), but not for more standard gift wrap such as you might purchase from Current or other reputable suppliers or even if it was fully laden with lighter rolls. Upon picking up the organizer the first time it was filled, it IMMEDIATELY tore around the rim (see photographs). Either the construction is substandard at the seams, or this organizer was not designed as it appears to be to hold a full load of gift wrap. The manufacturer's photos are misleading.
Needs to be longer

1.0 out of 5.0 by K-Fo on September 24, 2017
Most of my wrapping paper rolls are sticking out which means I can't zipper it. This product should be longer because clearly most wrapping paper is. Pretty disappointed.
Not long enough - not even close

1.0 out of 5.0 by Drew on December 15, 2017
Jist got this and was hopeful we could get rid of rhe box we’re currently using. I was VERY disappointed that only about 2/3 of the wrapping paper rollsCould fit in becaise this bag is far too short for typical wrapping paper. WASTED MONEY!The picture shows the box we’re currently using for wrapping paper, one of the rolls, amd the bag. Says it all!
I had the product for one day. Put about ...

3.0 out of 5.0 by Kevin Schroeder on March 1, 2015
I had the product for one day. Put about 10 rolls of wrapping paper in it. The plastic ripped from the thread immediately as i grabbed it from the top handle. It serves its purpose but cheap as heck.
Time to buy more wrapping paper! - since it is all damaged -_-

1.0 out of 5.0 by Nicole M. on January 27, 2016
I was concerned about ordering this item due to some of the other negative reviews. Nonetheless, I needed a gift wrap organizer and this is an awesome deal. When it arrived I was really impressed - it is good quality and larger than I expected. I had enough space for all of my gift wrap and room to add a lot more. The best part is that it also fits those random tall rolls of wrapping paper.UPDATE: I was really excited about this item when I first ordered it. It holds a ton of wrapping paper - even the extra tall rolls. When it arrived it appeared to be better quality than the negative reviews claimed. However, I must amend my former five star review and knock it down to a one star. The organizer is completely useless if it tears and lets in condensation, which of course it did. I store my wrapping paper in built-in, fully enclosed, storage closet on my patio in a brand new apartment complex in Los Angeles, CA. After loading my wrapping paper into the organizer, the organizer must have torn. I pulled it out after 3 months to grab some gift wrap and the inside of he plastic is covered in condensation and all the paper is water damaged. Very disappointing.
Doesn't fit standard Christmas wrap, the whole reason I bought it

2.0 out of 5.0 by Anderson Family on December 5, 2017
I did not realize that it wouldn't fit standard Christmas wrapping paper rolls, which was the whole reason I bought it. I realize now that it states the size in the fine print, but since wrapping paper is typically the same size, a size I now know to be 40", and the description said that it fit standard wrapping paper rolls, I thought that it would fit my wrapping paper. I was deceived by amazon's recommendation and high star rating :(
Perfect organizational tool!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Rachel C. on January 30, 2017
So, I pre-judged myself for wanting this because it made me feel like a housewife with a craft room or something. It just seemed like it was an unnecessary extra thing to buy, when I already have things I need to get rid of. But you know what? This was exactly what I needed! I live in a smaller apartment and have a storage unit--everything HAS to be organized and compact or you literally can't move around.I had been storing wrapping paper in my closet, but it kept falling over or getting wrinkled, and I had my holiday paper one place and the birthday paper was a mess. Having this container is amazing--I can finally keep all my paper together and protected in my storage unit, but since it's clear I won't forget what I have! I did have to toss one of my cheap rolls because it was too long, but all of my nicer paper is shorter, so maybe it was a good thing anyway?

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