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AquaFinesse Hot Tub Water Care Starter Kit - Dichlor (Powder)



Loosens biofilm to keep your water clean and clear
Can reduce chlorine usage buy up to 60%
Softens water for a more comfortable bather experience
Helps maintain water balance
Includes: One 1 Liter bottle of Hot Tub Water Solution, One 7 Ounce bottle of Granular Chlorine, One 6.8 Ounce measuring cup, 2 filter cleaner tablets


What does the AquaFinesse Water Care System do? The AquaFinesse system works my loosening the slimy layers (biofilm) from their substrate, to keep your hot tub water crystal clear and clean. It is a gentle, Start Up Instructions: 1. Drain the hot tub completely after running the AquaFinesse Spa Clean to purge your plumbing. Run garden hose for 60 seconds before filling the hot tub with fresh tap water. 2. Balance the hot tub water including Alkalinity, pH and total hardness. 3. Shake the bottle of AquaFiness to mix the solution. Pour the correct amount of the product into the water. Tun on the jets for a minimum of two minutes to activate the AquaFinesse Water Care System. 4. Add on tsp of granules directly into the water with the jets running. Chlorine reading should be between 1.5 to 3 ppm. 5. After each use of the hot tub, add half a tsp of chlorine granules directly into the water with the jets running. 6. Rinse the fiter on a week to ensure total sanitation and clean your filter with Aqua Finesse filter clean once a month.