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Gymboss Plus Interval Timer and Stopwatch Watch Strap - Bundle

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This is a bundle of 2 items - 1 Gymboss PLUS Interval Timer and Stopwatch and 1 Gymboss Watch Strap. This PLUS model is made to be used outside, it is ideal for outdoor runners. Increased water resistance makes this perfect for outdoor actives where the timer may be exposed to moisture, such as rain. It has a very loud beep, which makes it perfect for runners, group classes or outdoor use. The beep can be made dimmer, or silenced altogether by using only the vibrate mode. Gymboss PLUS Timer - Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between two seconds and 99 minutes. Built-in Stopwatch & Clock feature. Secure and Removable Belt-clip included. Auto mode keeps repeating through intervals, up to 99 times. Chime & vibration interval notification; alarm duration can be set for one, two, five, or nine seconds. Size of a small pager. Powered by one AAA battery (not included); measures 2.25 by 1.75 by 0.5 inches (55mm X 44mm X 14mm). Sweat and impact resistant. Watch Strap - Quick, secure attachment: Wear your Gymboss Timer like a watch. Any Gymboss model with a removable belt clip will snap securely in place on this high quality watch strap. This strap allows the Gymboss's vibrating alarm to be fully transmitted to the user's wrist. Perfect for runners or other users who want to easily monitor time or rounds remaining during activity. Also ideal for coach's or others who regularly use the stopwatch feature of the Gymboss. Watch Strap - High quality, perforated band allows breathability but is also strong and durable. All hardware is black stainless steel.

Customers Reviews

I finished the Marine Corp Marathon the Gymboss PLUS

5.0 out of 5.0 by Thomas G. Holecek on November 4, 2018
This is an amazing device. I clipped it to the back of my running hat. Every time I heard the alarm go off i walked 1 minute and when i heard it again i ran 2 minutes. The mile markers and the watch didn't worry me. I finished in 5:50. I would say that's great considering i am # 235lb and our longest run was 10 miles. Run Walk Run works!!!I does ring loud!!!
works great and helps my running significantly

4.0 out of 5.0 by Saintroche on July 12, 2019
This is a great combination of timer and band; wearing it on my wrist allows me to feel it vibrate so I can listen to music while running without worrying about hearing a tone/beep. I do interval running and this has worked extremely well at keeping me running/walking at the appropriate times. Unlike some others I have owned, this one is waterproof enough that it does not burn out from sweat - I even got caught in a sudden downpour one day and it is still working great. I started doing triathlons at 55 and now at 65 am getting ready for my first half marathon. Running/walking in timed intervals is making this possible. The only thing I do not like about this product is the documentation is poorly written, the pictures are not quite accurate and that makes the initial set up a bit confusing - it is not very intuitive. However, once programmed, I have had no other problems.
Great timer/Great Package

4.0 out of 5.0 by A Customer on March 26, 2018
Great timer. The sound from it (the “plus” +) is pretty loud but I do not have any of the other timers to compare. It supposed to also be more water/sweat resistant but have not tested that part out yet. The package with the wrist band is worth it.Update 5/23/19: I have been using this timer for approximately 6-8months now, about 2x a week and can say that this thing is great! Has held up thus far, is fairly loud and is great for HIIT/circuit/boxing-mma rounds.
Great for strength and HIIT workouts

5.0 out of 5.0 by matthew davis on July 2, 2019
Has a bit of a learning curve to setting it but after a few a workouts with it you get the hang it. I use it to time my sets and rest during weight training and I love it for HIIT workouts, it makes tracking work:rest ratios and numbers of sets so much easier. I particularly like the vibrate alarm with the wrist strap so I can feel when my times up while I’m wearing headphones and people around me don’t have to hear anything at all.
Works great! Vibration is great with headphones in!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on June 26, 2019
It’s easy to set, easy to see, easy to stop. I couldn’t hear the alarm with my headphones blasting but the vibration setting works great! Band is secure, won’t bounce around. I have pushed the side button hard enough to dislodge the timer from the band but it just easily clicks back in.
Works like it says it will!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Lucky Duck on September 14, 2019
Used it for the first time and it did what I needed it to do. Starting a running interval program and made it easy to use. Didn't want to use my phone as I'm listening to books at the same time. Used this as a watch and had the watch vibrate when it was time to switch intervals. Great!
I was really disappointed with this purchase

1.0 out of 5.0 by Roxanne on April 26, 2018
I was really disappointed with this purchase. I have had many gym boss timers through the years and thought that this one would be nice because of the waterproof and it louder sound. But the clip on the back does not stay tight and it is constantly falling off. Three times during my last Half Marathon I had to stop and pick it up off the ground, put the battery back in, put the battery cover back over because the clip did not hold.
limited use and difficult to set

1.0 out of 5.0 by Dallas J. Johnson on August 8, 2019
The timer only goes to 99 minutes. I'm sure it says this someplace buried in the product description, but it's unbelievable that a programmed LED timer can't be more flexible. The programming is also difficult to comprehend, I could never imagine using this during an actual workout.

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