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Gymboss Plus Interval Timer and Stopwatch Watch Strap - Bundle (Black with Green Buttons)



This is a bundle of 2 items - 1 Gymboss PLUS Interval Timer and Stopwatch and 1 Gymboss Watch Strap.
This PLUS model is made to be used outside, it is ideal for outdoor runners. Increased water resistance makes this perfect for outdoor actives where the timer may be exposed to moisture, such as rain. It has a very loud beep, which makes it perfect for runners, group classes or outdoor use. The beep can be made dimmer, or silenced altogether by using only the vibrate mode.
Watch Strap - Quick, secure attachment: Wear your Gymboss Timer like a watch. Any Gymboss model with a removable belt clip will snap securely in place on this high quality watch strap. This strap allows the Gymboss's vibrating alarm to be fully transmitted to the user's wrist. Perfect for runners or other users who want to easily monitor time or rounds remaining during activity. Also ideal for coach's or others who regularly use the stopwatch feature of the Gymboss.
Watch Strap - High quality, perforated band allows breathability but is also strong and durable. All hardware is black stainless steel.
Gymboss PLUS Timer - Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between two seconds and 99 minutes. Built-in Stopwatch & Clock feature. Secure and Removable Belt-clip included. Auto mode keeps repeating through intervals, up to 99 times. Chime & vibration interval notification; alarm duration can be set for one, two, five, or nine seconds. Size of a small pager. Powered by one AAA battery (not included); measures 2.25 by 1.75 by 0.5 inches (55mm X 44mm X 14mm). Sweat and impact resistant.


Louder beep. Increased water resistance. Pairing the Gymboss Plus timer with the Gymboss Watchstrap makes the perfect running partner. Targeted towards outdoor activities. Perfect for run walk run programs, interval running training, learning to run, or for users who want to easily monitor time rounds remaining during activity. Also, due to its loud beep capabilities it is ideal for group classes. With a Gymboss timer, a minute rest really means a minute rest, and a 45 minute workout lasts 45 minutes! Maximize your training to increase: Anaerobic endurance, Muscle strength/size, Cardio endurance, Increased VO2max, and Fat loss. Gymboss - Train Hard, Train Smart.