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RoomierLife Premium Jumbo Space Saver Bags 40"x30" 6-Pack Ziplock Vacuum Storage Bags



SAVING YOU LOADS OF SPACE: Compress your belongings to a more compact size. These vacuum space bags reduce up to 80% of the original volume. There's no such thing as big or bulky, when you use these jumbo ziploc space saver bags for your items' storage.
JUMBO IN SIZE: Store away your clothes, duvet, bed sheets, towels, blankets, comforters, pillows, clothing etc. No need to buy larger furniture, or rent a self-storage box for your belongings. These huge ziplock plastic bags in 40" x 30" allow you to store extra-large objects with convenience.
PROTECT YOUR ITEMS from moisture, mold, insects, dirt, odor etc. The anti-microbial, heavy-duty airtight, and watertight vacuum seal keeps your items fresh, clean, and dry. How you left your things stored inside these sealed vacuum storage bags, is also the same way you'll see it, when you come back to it.
A MUST HAVE FOR TRAVEL AND HOME: Whether you're traveling or simply storing your home essentials, having enough room for your things, is a must for convenient access, and organization. For example, take more things with you in a carry-on, or save space for souvenirs on your return. Each set comes with a free hand pump, so you can also use the sealer bags, if you have no vacuum available.
QUALITY AT ITS FINEST: Only premium quality materials go into these durable vacuum storage bags. Each bag is made sturdy and resilient, so it can stand to lots of use, and re-use. A unique double-zip seal, and triple-seal turbo valve securely squeezes every bit of air out of the bag - and nothing gets back in!


Too many things to organize yet you only have too little space? Worry no more. We've got an ORIGINAL SPACE SAVING SOLUTION that'll make your organization easier. Introducing, the SpaceSaver's Jumbo Ziplock Vacuum Storage!

There's no such thing as big or bulky when you use these large space saver bags for your items. With the size of 40"x30", each bag fits most home essentials including duvet, bed sheets, pillows, comforters, and blankets. It's also designed for travel as it keeps your storage light and compact while increasing your luggage's capacity. Simply pack, seal, and compress - and your belongings are definitely good to go!

Have an ample storage for all your essentials as these vacuum storage bags reduce 80% of the original volume through its unique double-zip seal and triple-seal turbo valve that securely squeezes every bit of air out of the bag. When it's time to repack for your next trip, you may use the free hand pump included in the set to easily vacuum the air.

Made to be airtight and watertight, these storage containers keep your items fresh, clean, and dry, as well as free from moisture, dust, dirt, and insects. Rest assured that no bacteria, molds, and odor can go into your storage.

At SpaceSaver's, we want to make storing and packing of essentials a lot easier. Thus, only the best quality materials go into these vacuum storage bags. Each container is made sturdy and resilient so it can stand to lots of use and re-use. A must-have for every home, for every traveler. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours today!