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Gymboss Plus Interval Timer and Stopwatch - Black/Green SOFTCOAT

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Compact interval timer times one or two intervals between two seconds and 99 minutes. Built-in Stopwatch and Clock feature. Auto mode keeps repeating through intervals up to 99 repeats. Chime and vibration interval notification; alarm duration can be set for one, two, five, or nine seconds. Increased water resistance makes this ideal for outdoor actives where the timer may be exposed to moisture, such as rain. Sweat and impact resistant. Has a very loud beep, which makes it perfect for group classes or outdoor use. The beep can be made dimmer, or silenced altogether by using only the vibrate mode. Secure and Removable Belt-clip included. Size of a small pager. Powered by one AAA battery (not included); measures 2.25 by 1.75 by 0.5 inches (55mm X 44mm X 14mm).

Customers Reviews

Honmax VS gymboss Reviews

1.0 out of 5.0 by AmazonCustomer on October 16, 2018
I have been a user of gymboss for 5 years. My last timer was the gymboss in picture. The clip was broken. I found honmax and compared them.Honmax is smaller, his size is only 55.5*45.5*15mm, and the size of gymboss is 58*46*15mm.Honmax's display LCD is smaller than gymboss, but it has backlight, I am easier to read, his display is far from the border, gymboss display distance is too close, not easy to read;The gymboss clips are easy to fall off and are not strong. The honmax clips are stainless steel and the screws are locked and stable.The gymboss battery cover is easy to damage, and you need to buy the battery separately, which will cost more money; honmax has a built-in lithium battery, which gives me a more advanced feeling, but also saves money;The waterproof of gymboss is not good, the waterproof ring can't cover all, the waterproof effect of honmax is better, the waterproof ring covers all, the battery is also in the range of waterproof ring, and the pin of the charging port is also added with waterproof glue;The gymboss circuit is very simple, the sound is connected with a spring, it is not reliable. When it is strongly vibrated, it will shift. I have repaired it once. The honmax is very reliable. With the telescopic pin structure, the honmax circuit looks like Also very complicated;The function is almost the same, honmax is less VB and Vb.Honamx's big B is too loud, and it's better to change the whisper.
Lightweight, versatile and it works!

5.0 out of 5.0 by ATP1 on June 12, 2018
Only a little larger than matchbook size and extremely lightweight I've found this to be the perfect tool for interval walk/runs. You WILL need to download a copy of the instructions off the web since I doubt even a NASA pilot can read them without use of the Hubble telescope. Not to worry--just enter "Gymboss instructions" in your favorite search engine and they'll pop right up. Though hard of hearing I use it in the beep only mode since the frequency is old age friendly and easily heard with the unit on your belt. The vibrate rocks and I might use it if the Gymboss is inside one of my pockets. Since it is small (and perfectly so) the clip doesn't extend past the unit thus you can't fully clip it on a 1 1/2" wide belt. It stays on fine nevertheless and on athletic shorts clips securely with no problem. Once you use it a couple of times the three-mode setup makes perfect sense and you can use it from memory. For intervals the unit is very versatile and gives you a lot of time and interval frequency options. Don't know yet how long the single AAA battery (not included) I put in will last but it says it has a low battery indicator so I'm not too concerned.
Not Explained in Instructions, But More Options for Loud or Quiet

5.0 out of 5.0 by DaveS on July 2, 2018
I've owned 2 gymboss timers. One bought in 2011 and one in 2013. I replaced with the Plus. (After 5 years use, the previous gymboss works but the lines that make up the digital numerals are missing in spots, so that an 8 looks the same as a 3 or a 4 - none of the numerals display correctly.) I tried rebooting, new battery and it didn't get wet, but it still remains that way.I'd recommend the Gymboss based on current and on past performance.-The Plus has a LOUD beep. I got it because the description said it's louder but "The beep can be made dimmer". I primarily use it in a loud "Sirius XM Pop Channels" (yuck) gym for weightlifting intervals. I can hear it with in-ear earbuds. I want the low beep for my quieter gym, and not disturb others. The low beep is still loud, BUT what I saw in one of the image views of the timer turned out to be true. It's NOT explained on the Gymboss website or in their expanded directions (which another reviewer, well said, said download the directions, the ones with the timer are a tiny font).There is a + or - slide on the back of the PLUS which I assumed to be the "dimmer" for sound. That makes the low beep better in a quieter, crowded gym. Push the slide to the (-) to cover up the baffles.If you're running outside, or lead a loud indoor group, the loud beep is good.- The loud beep is good for outdoor intervals. It can be heard. I remember that I had used the old Gymboss in the past for walk/run intervals, and could often not hear the beeps with other, street noise.- I'd prefer the Start button to be on the right side, as in my old Gymboss, but it's on the left, and I'll get used to it.- Vibrate mode has never worked for me. I can't feel it -- I always use it on an armband. The new model, however, feels a little stronger.- The loud beep has a "b" (lower case "b" display) and the quieter a "B". Opposite of what it should be.- Setup isn't hard, may get it wrong a few times at first, but you'll get used to changing intervals fast.- Tried using a smartphone Tabata timer instead of Gymboss. Not loud enough, not as simple to use and adjust, and I don't carry my smartphone in gym anyway. Gymboss is easy to set, start, track, and stop (if you don't want to hear 10 beeps for the finish of your session).I wanted the low beep for a quieter gym, and thought the Plus could be "dimmed" lower. Fully closed it seems lower, or at least the same as the base model. But since I may start using it outside again, I'll keep the Plus for that.
Easily breaks

1.0 out of 5.0 by M. Kingsley on September 16, 2018
It’s junky. I’m so disappointed. I used this maybe 3 times and the numbers are already broke and I did pay the extra for the Plus version.
Good But Durability Can Be Hit Or Miss

4.0 out of 5.0 by Danny S. on March 4, 2019
I have owned a half dozen or more of these. They are great exercise timers, especially if you need to set separate times for different parts of your routine. Unfortunately, durability can be hit or miss. I've had them last a year or more, but some only a couple of months. The most common problem is that the digits become unreadable. And despite some claims, the units do seem to be sensitive to moisture, sweat or rain. I've had the best luck with the softcoat ones. Still, the timers work so well for me that I just deal with the replacements as a cost of doing business.
Defective!! DO NOT BUY!

1.0 out of 5.0 by Pen Crafter on September 19, 2018
I paid extra and ordered the GYMBOSS plus because it was supposed to be louder! The one I got won't beep at all! And yes I've tried B, b, BV, and bV it does not beep on any mode (and yes I tried the reset). What a waste! I am leaving in 5 days for a month long trip and wanted to take it for some interval training. Please replace with one that works and I'll revise my review. As for now I advise DO NOT BUY THIS TIMER. IT DOES NOT WORK!!

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