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Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Cream - Alien Grey Hair Color


Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color Cream - Alien Grey 4oz


The aliens are coming, the aliens are coming! And you should see New from the first authority in creative color comes a semi-permanent shade our fan base has been clamoring for - Alien Grey. A distinctly deep, true slate grey inspired by otherworldly visitors of the same name, this true grey is a real paradox in fantasy color. Alien Grey without leaning too blue or yellow, strikes a perfect balance for those who want a perfect grey mane.

Alien Grey makes its long-awaited debut right in time for Halloween, for the ultimate ghostly realness in your Halloween costume: make your witch, ghoul or gremlin as authentic as possible and ditch the Halloween Store Wig!

What's more, Alien Grey provides the perfect background shade for the popular prism hair effect movement, working beautifully in tandem with our new Amplified Color Spray for temporary effects, or paired with our professional line for those seeking semi-permanence from their prism.