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The Synonym Finder Paperback – August 1, 1986

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body { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em; } .aplus { min-width: inherit; } With a simple alphabetical arrangement this book has been expanded to include thousands of new words and expressions that have entered the language in recent years, and includes clearly labelled slang and informal words and expressions. Read more Read less options.iframeId = iframeId; options.iframeWrapperId = "bookDesc_iframe_wrapper"; options.overriddenCSSId = "bookDesc_override_CSS"; options.encodedIframeContent = bookDescEncodedData; options.initialResizeCallback = resizeCallback; BookDescriptionIframe = new DynamicIframe(options); P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.createIframe(); }) (); if ((typeof BookDescriptionIframe != 'undefined') && (BookDescriptionIframe instanceof DynamicIframe)) { P.when('jQuery').execute(function($) { $(window).resize(function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); $(window).bind('imageResize', function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); }); } });

Customers Reviews

Get paper version, not Kindle

2.0 out of 5.0 by JG on June 23, 2016
My rating is for the Kindle version only. I have used this book for years in paper and would give it five stars. It's excellent. But I found the Kindle version difficult to use. I searched the word "handsome" and expected to be taken to the main entry where I could and read the synonyms. No luck. Instead, it found the word in other entries and did not permit me to turn pages to find the main entry. Buy it in paper. The paper version is superior to Roget's in that one need only look up the word alphabetically. With Roget it's a two-step process.
Darned Superlative, Distinguished, Charming

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michael Guest on May 28, 2018
Not only an extremely, awfully, terribly functional, operative opus, opuscule, work or tome, but also a handy and serviceable one. Avail oneself of, utilize, apply and put to use this most excellent, masterly, well-executed volume. Advantageous and beneficial: use to good advantage. I have the Webster Thesaurus as well and use them in conjunction. Can't tell which is the better, frankly, because the other will invariably, inevitably, inexorably bring up some alternatives. Great for any writer. Easy to use on your kindle. Just search for a word. I love it.
Superior to Books AND Online Thesauri

5.0 out of 5.0 by Robert Michon on February 9, 2013
If you care about PRECISION in your communication, The Synonym Finder is indispensible.Here's why...Page count: Synonym Finder 1371, Roget's Thesaurus 572They're not even in the same weight class.And why is Synonym Finder is superior to online searching?Let me give you an example.I was looking for an alternative to the word "competitor."But I was also exploring the IDEA of competition in the piece I was working on.Roget gave me only "compete." Good grief man, give me something to work with!Synonym Finder gave me: * compete * competition * competitive * competitorThey're all lined up, one after the other, in close proximity,allowing me to scan back and forth between them to find thePERFECT way to express the thought AND the feeling I was trying to convey.THAT is the kind of precision that lends power to the copy I write.Not everybody needs that kind of attention to detail,but it's good to know that when I need it,Synonym Finder is right there next to me.And, there is VALUE in having all the words in front of me at once.Could I have gotten all of these derivatives by searching online?Yes.And could I have typed in ALL FOUR words into separate windowsand cascaded or tiled them so they were all visible at the same time?Well, yeah, but how much screen real estate do you have?But it's SO much easier to have them in print together, organized,and easy to rove from one to the others instantly.But here's what I feel is the most important reason to use a BOOK,as opposed to a computer screen:Typically, I'm writing on a computer or laptop. It's how I learned towrite- on the old Apple're looking at a SCREEN.and when you're trying to get clear on a line or a word or a way ofexpressing idea, or you're struggling with the BEST way to communicatewith your're looking at a SCREEN.Just the mere physical act of looking away from that SCREEN,opening the book, changing your focus, finding the page andseeing a different font style can interrupt your pattern,and open up your mind to a whole new way of seeing andthinking about the subject.It's not just about the words, it's also about the state change.It's a 10-second exercise that gets you OUT of the problem andINTO the solution.The real power is the combination of the two working together,hand in hand.Not everyone needs this level of fanaticism, but there's an unmistakabledifference between the "talking at them" style of copy that's soprevalent today, and communicating with your reader in a way thattells them that you know them you understand them, and you careabout them in a way that nobody else in your market does.The Synonym Finder can help you get there faster than you wouldany other way.
I give 5 stars but I would like to give only 1 star for the kindle version

5.0 out of 5.0 by Gianni Giovane on December 29, 2018
The book version of this book is perfect, thus the 5 stars.The Kindle version is useless. There is no way to go directly to a word you wish to find the synonym of; thus the desire to give only 1 star.First you have to go to the section of the book beginning with the first letter of the word you wish to look up, for example, delta. There is a list to first letters, so you click on d, the first letter of delta. Now you have to page through all the words before delta to find delta.You could use the search function, but you will come up with every word that has delta as a synonym. Then you have to page through that list to find the entry for delta.So why didn't I vent my anger with the Kindle version by giving a rating of 1? The simple reason is the physical book is better than any other synonym book I have ever tried to use. It really is the best and deserves 5 stars.Get the physical book!
Useless on Kindle.

1.0 out of 5.0 by cdm on June 25, 2016
Useless on Kindle. Great resource in print, but there's no practical way to find the word you're looking for on the Kindle. Very disappointing.
Once the best, now in need of an update

4.0 out of 5.0 by greatlakesguy on March 7, 2014
If you use your thesaurus primarily to find synonyms, as many people do, then Rodale's 'The Synonym Finder' is hard to beat. In fact, I find it indispensable. I've been getting paid for my writing since the late 1970s, and a copy of 'The Synonym Finder' has been on my desk since the late 1980s. Comprehensive to a fault, the back cover claims more than one million synonyms can be found inside. And I can't argue with that. At more than 1,300 pages in an easy-to-read dictionary format, this book gets a lot of attention from me. I have nothing against Roget. The numerous variations all have good, solid word choices and other info. But if you simply need a synonym, Rodale will usually give you more choices, often in more contexts.The only issue I have with Rodale -- and the reason I deduct one star -- is that it is dire need of an update. Both of my copies (hardcover and paperback) are from 1986. Isn't it about time for someone to give it a facelift?
A Gifted Addition to My Computer

5.0 out of 5.0 by Grant Fry on February 15, 2018
In the world of digital this and that, it's great to see a book get a nod toward essential equipment in my writing. No buttons to press in error, just look it up and observe the options. The only downside is one must be able to spell. To those would-be authors who skipped out on spelling, or rely on the computer to auto-correct your errors, this book is not for you. It is a fantastic addition, however to my essential writing library.
Thick, comprehensive, and the best in its class

5.0 out of 5.0 by 504more on January 20, 2019
This thing is massive, and more comprehensive than any other resource I've seen. At more than two-and-a-half inches thick, it dwarfs other volumes in the thesaurus reference genre. Where other books have many missing entries, a cursory search after this arrived leads me to conclude that this will answer my child's needs. My only complaint is that I couldn't find it available for purchase in a more durable hard cover format with acid-free pages.