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Man Swappers: A Novel (Zane Presents) Paperback – March 6, 2012

by Cairo

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body { font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.6em; } .aplus { min-width: inherit; } Disturbingly sexy and devilishly delicious, Man Swappers explores the taboo topic of women openly sharing other women’s men.Man Swappers is about carefree and adventurous women who embrace their sexualities without embarrassment, guilt, ridicule, or shame. By day, bombshell sisters Porsha, Persia, and Paris do everything together. They work hard, travel far, and are always on the prowl for their next relationship. And getting the attention from the opposite sex has never been a problem for these vixens. In fact they’ve had more than their share of men vying for their attention. But there’s a catch: You date one sister, you date them all.But what happens when two of them break the rules of engagement and wants one of the men all to herself? And what happens when they find out it’s the same man?A titillating story of sibling rivalry gone haywire, Man Swappers will thrill readers to a whole new level of satisfaction. Read more Read less options.iframeId = iframeId; options.iframeWrapperId = "bookDesc_iframe_wrapper"; options.overriddenCSSId = "bookDesc_override_CSS"; options.encodedIframeContent = bookDescEncodedData; options.initialResizeCallback = resizeCallback; BookDescriptionIframe = new DynamicIframe(options); P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.createIframe(); }) (); if ((typeof BookDescriptionIframe != 'undefined') && (BookDescriptionIframe instanceof DynamicIframe)) { P.when('jQuery').execute(function($) { $(window).resize(function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); $(window).bind('imageResize', function() { P.guardFatal("bookDescription", function() { BookDescriptionIframe.resizeIframe(resizeCallback); }) (); }); }); } });

Customers Reviews

Oh My God!!

4.0 out of 5.0 by Diamonds Literary World on May 7, 2018
Meet identical triplets Persia, Porsha and Paris, better known as Pain, Pleasure and Passion to the men that they agree to have sex with…at the same time. Identical in looks, but very different in personality. There are rules to the sexual games that they play, but we all know that rules are made to be broken. Things start to change when 2 sisters fall for the same man and another falls in love with one of their partners.Relationship is one of the defying themes throughout this book…between the sisters…the sisters and their parents and…each sister with her beau. There is plenty of drama, tons of sex and a little bit of forgiveness.I thoroughly enjoyed this book and at one point, took to Twitter, because I was so in my feelings. I highly recommend that you have an open mind in order to appreciate this page-turrning erotica. Unfortunately, I have to give it 💎💎💎💎, due to a few editing issues.
Man Swappers

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kindle Customer on December 11, 2014
Ooohhh my!!! Cairo and these darn scenes! I just couldn't understand why these sisters would want to swap men knowing they could have anybody they wanted. Persia ass truly was crazy and only thought about herself. Porscha was cool but seemed as if she needed the approval of Persia and I didn't like that all. I loved Paris! Out of the sisters she actually tried the hardest to get along with their mother, plus she wasn't doing as much as Persia. Some of their encounters had me like whoa, wait a hot minute! And then everything began to unfold. Porscha was doing her thing but sneaking because of who she was dealing with. Paris found someone that she didn't have to share as well. Low and behold Persia messy ass just had to have her way. There were so many times I could've punched her ass! I was mad it took the announcement for her to stop everything with Dez though. That slut bucket knew better! Omg momma don't play and her meeting with Persia was long overdo. And the ish gets real! Man I truly wanted Paris to beat that ass! From swapping to settling down, these chicks sure put a lot of miles on their holes. Great job Cairo with yo freaky ass!!!
Man Sharing

5.0 out of 5.0 by Tellmeasecret on July 7, 2012
As a man, what's not to love about reading a book like this, three women fighting for one man's attention, and like the Future song says, 'At the same dayum time', loved it. This book takes act like a man but think like a woman to a whole new level. Three alpha females tired of being cheated on take matters in their own hand and do the unthinkable, agree to let their man cheat, but only with their sisters. Again, from a man's perspective, love it. The beginning of the book opens up with a very steamy sex scene but the part that stood out to me in the beginning was when the three sisters mother found out they were all sexing the same man. Hearing the mother voice her objection and the language she used had me on the floor laughing out loud. You could feel her anger at what her daughters were doing. Who knew mama could curse like that, loved it. Put three alpha females in the same room, only a matter of time before they start competing with one another. And thats exactly what happens in this freaky tale, you have to read it to believe it. One theme that stands out to me in reading this book is, everybody shares. Women who judge other women that let their men see other women need to be careful, because as Persia, Porsha and Paris like to say, all men cheat, why not take back your power and choose who he cheat with. Very contraversal theme and very much a page turner. I found myself re-reading certain sections just because,lol. Cairo, man, you have a fan in me. Write on, write on.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ebony EyeCU Reading on July 18, 2012
HOT DIZAMN!!! In a class of his very own, Cairo has turned the HEAT UP 2 PANTY DROPPER!Man Swapping triplets Paris, Persia & Porsha aka Pleasure, Pain & Passion will trip U out with the most disturbingly, raunchy, racy, sex filled, thrilling erotic, mind boggling fantasies ever penned! Amongst the 3 of them...They share home, men, intense sex drives, outlandish fantasies & pure hatred 4 the woman who birthed them! Guided & manipulated by the most aggressive triplet.....The 3 of them perform open sexcapades privy 2 EVERY1 including their family, friends & all men EXCEPT 1! Will ENVY, LUST & DEVILISH DECEPT RUIN THE SISTERHOOD when the tight knit circle becomes compromised by 2 of the sisters falling 4 the same guy?HOOK, LINE & SINKER from page 1! 3 Carefree, adventurous, open and shameless women breaking all the rules! What more could a Daddy Long Stroke, Deep Throat Diva & Man Swapping Fan ask 4? A cold shower after complete SATISFACTION!5 eyes wide open with Ebony EyeCU Reading!
Triple the heat with Passion, Pain, & Pleasure

5.0 out of 5.0 by Kat Torres on March 6, 2012
Cairo has done it again with yet another HOT Erotic Novel. I read this in one day whenever I kept telling myself to take a break to get some things done I couldn't, because I was so Anxious to find out what happens next.Cairo Introduces three sisters who are triplets (Passion, Pain, and Pleasure) who enjoy sharing the same men at the same time. These three Triplets satisfy their partners with every bit of their sexual desires and more. This has been their routine for many years but when two of the sisters decide they rather rather keep a man for themselves and not share things start to get messy and start to explode. I wont go futher in detail but one thing I can say if you purchase this book you will be pleased with this read.shot out to author Cairo for bringing the heat once again cant wait for your next release "Big Booty"
Freaky Tales

5.0 out of 5.0 by Satanya Elcan on August 27, 2012
Freaky TalesBravo, Cairo! Man swappers is an erotic tale about a set of sassy triplets that have a ravishing appetite for sex... Not just sex, but EXPLICIT sex! Each sister has a distinct fetish that stems from their individual personality. Their goal is to climax while driving a man out of his mind. The ridicule the sisters receive from openly sharing a man doesn't bother them at all. Drama doesn't unfold until two of the sisters want to explore a lifestyle with a love of their own which is a big NO -NO to the dominating triplet! This page turner includes family drama, sisterhood, and sibling rivalry. Beware of the kinky sex... You may need your partner on stand by to explore the freak in YOU!Five eyes wide open ***** EyeCU Reading *****