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Legs & Body Wax Strips (40 strips), Parissa Hair Removal Waxing Strips for Legs, Body, Bikini, Arms, Underarms with After care Azulene Oil

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Salon-Quality Hair Removal Wax Strips: Get salon-quality results at home in minutes and smooth skin on your legs & body. Quick and Easy to Use: Pre-lined wax strips come ready to use! Simply press on & zip off. All Natural Ingredients: All Parissa products are made of only natural ingredients. Complete Waxing Kit: Contains 40 (20x2 sided) strips, 8ml Azulene aftercare Oil and photo instructions. Convenient & Mess-Free: These ready to use wax strips are perfect for travel or quick touch-ups and do not require heating or applying warm wax with other accessories. Everything you need is in the box!

Customers Reviews

great product easy to use

5.0 out of 5.0 by Waterfall2 on March 18, 2017
Love this product. However, so that it's easier to use and more effective for waxing, I recommend these tips. Take the strips (which are double sided so you get 2 waxing strips in every one strip)--and cut in half width-wise to make them more manageable. Then, use a hair dryer on hot quickly to warm it up and peel the two sides apart. Apply to the skin. Pull up quickly. It works great. Often you can use the same strip twice if the area has less hair. Simply apply to the skin again, reheat the area with your hair dryer and pull up again. Make sure you use the oil they give you to remove extra waxing substance and soothe the skin. The hairs are easier to pull out if they have not been shaved and are about 1/4 inch long at least. Also, you can cut these strips to use for lip waxing and smaller areas also.
No mess effective and quick waxing solution

5.0 out of 5.0 by J. M. Smith on November 21, 2018
I love these strips. I have used both the legs/body and the smaller face/bikini size. You do need to follow the directions: warm the strips between your hands or with a hair dryer before peeling apart. Make sure your hair is 1/4 inch long. Rub the strip in direction of hair growth, hold skin taut and then quickly zip against the growth direction. Works great. These are very effective for me and far less messy than hard wax. I find almost all the hair is gone with a single pass and each strip I can use at least twice. The oil that comes with it is just OK. There is some stickiness but I usually shower right after using so it's fine. I follow up with an epilator to get the strays. I highly recommend this product.
Useless for anything besides fine hair

2.0 out of 5.0 by elysium on April 29, 2018
I was tired of the mess traditional hard wax can make and thought these might be a good solution. I like that they’re biodegradable as well.These do nothing. I primarily purchased for bikini line and legs. The hair on my legs is pretty fine a bikini is a range. I had let the hair on my legs grow out for 3 weeks thinking that would be enough. These got 1/3 of it. It barely did bikini and I just ended up sticky.If you’re looking for a real wax get a hard wax. I’ve tried every brand and Sally Hansen works just as well as GiGi and Body Honee.Save your money on these. If I could get a refund I would.
Works great if you warm them up

5.0 out of 5.0 by TrailRunner on February 22, 2019
Such a cheap and easy home solution. Works really well if you warm them in your hands by rubbing for 40-60 seconds before peeling apart. A blow dryer may also do a good job. Takes about 20 strips (half of the 40 box) to do a full waxing session. Yes, it hurts. But waxing hurts! Just don’t slow down or stop. Pull fast and get in the zone, don’t work yourself up. It will only make it worse.
Great product

4.0 out of 5.0 by Aleah Slish on March 6, 2019
The waxing strips are the best at home ones I’ve used, way better than the Sally Hansen ones. They are very large and the 40 count is an awesome deal. You can easily cut them smaller so they will last me definitely several months, hopefully even a year. They did miss some hairs but they were too short for waxing to get them anyway. The only complaint I have is that the box was shipped out in a shipping bag, so once it got to me the box had broken and all the products had fallen out into the shipping bag. Everything was still sealed so I wasn’t bothered by it. After waxing it didn’t even make my skin as red as other waxing products normally do. Definitely won’t be using my wax melter any longer.
Easy and effective - super sticky!

5.0 out of 5.0 by K. Rowe on April 2, 2017
Easy and effective! These strips are so much stickier than the brand commonly found in stores (Sally Hansen). And so much easier to use than pot waxes like Poet. I was able to wax from the knee down with one( 2-sided) strip per a leg. Didn't need to reheat strip between application. Stick, rip, and repeat. Only takes a little of the oil after to cleanup. This box will likely last me a year. Happy waxer!
Very effective

5.0 out of 5.0 by pedal pusher on March 26, 2018
Have been using this for years and years. It works well. Health concerns make shaving or chemical depilation unwise for me. This is fast, not messy, and if you have some wax residue left, the tube of blue oil removes it. Works better than any other brand like it in my experience.
Dream come true

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on November 2, 2017
The answer to my prayers. Could not be easier to use. No messy wax kit to deal with. Economical. I cut the larger strips down with scissors to use on brows and lip. Virtually painless when I waxed my lip. Very pleased.

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