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Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio, Pool w/ Cup Holder Trays, Pillows - Beige

Price QAR 1003.53 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 23 Nov - 26 Nov



STURDY & UV-RESISTANT: Made with a 250-pound weight capacity and strong, UV-resistant mesh designed to last outdoors SMOOTH LOCKABLE RECLINING SYSTEM: Smoothly glides to an ergonomic zero-gravity position, with replaceable elastic cords that immediately adjust to your body CONVENIENT CUP HOLDER TRAY: Detachable tray allows easy access to drinks, magazines, phones, tablets, or other small items REMOVABLE, ADJUSTABLE HEADRESTS: Includes comfortable headrests for added comfort, which can be taken off when needed FOLDABLE & PORTABLE: Folds up and is lightweight for easy transportation

Customers Reviews

Wonderful Chairs

5.0 out of 5.0 by madeline audrey on July 16, 2017
These chairs were a terrific purchase! Their cupholders are very substantial. I love the locking feature so that you can keep it in the laying down position without it slipping. Very easy to dry off after it rains. Excellent quality!If you found my review helpful, please click Yes below!
So far so good.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Saltwater🏝Soul on July 5, 2017
We got these in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Took them both out of the box and they are quite heavy for me.After seeing other bad reviews on here about parts of the chair being rusted or bolts or screws not tightened, I went over these chairs with a fine tooth comb. There was NO rust or lose scews or bolts.My husband is over 6 ft and weighs about 250 lbs. He fit into his chair comfortably. No bending of the legs of the chair or anything of the sort.Now we will be taking them camping to the coast. We know they will start to show rust. The best way to keep this from happening too soon we spray Free lubricant on the working parts or metal parts. Also wash the chairs off good of any salt water or sand. Then spray them again with Free lubricant or wd40. It will help any metal frame chair to last longer.I bought a chair from big lots to take out on the beach for 20 bucks. I do the same with that chair with the lubricant spray and its been down to the gulf on the beach for the last 3 years. It has no rust on it yet.Great chairs for the price. And they DO come with cup holders if that is important for some people.Thr material is made of strong mesh that doesn't feel cheap at all. The frame seems very sturdy. Photos enclosed with this review.
Rusting out after 2 days!

1.0 out of 5.0 by LadyK on July 4, 2017
I loved these chairs when we first set them up. They looked sleek and stylish and matched our outdoor decor. We noticed right away that they didn't recline as far back as other zero gravity chairs, but we figured we could live with it.However, both of the chairs began rusting merely two days after setting them up outside. Each connecting point with the rope on the seat is rusted, as well as the sections that fold. It's becoming more and more noticeable. Very upsetting after doing so much research to find quality chairs in a particular color.
First impression-NOT GOOD!!! Yeah it's Official JUNK!!

2.0 out of 5.0 by BONES on July 9, 2017
Im not one to leave bad reviews , but I must be honest here, I read reviews and for the money thought these seemed ok for a Pair of chairs, but I was skeptical and still purchased...Not only were chairs delivered in a trashed box and parts of chairs exposed & scuffed. But chairs themselves had blemishes, showed dirty (needed to clean brand New chairs!!!!) and the locks do not hold, you can physically see the locks spin themselves backwards & loosen!!! The lower trim piece that prevents scuffing to lower area of chair tube (foot area that makes contact with patio/ deck/ ground/ etc) isn't even attached on 1 of the chairs, 1 side blows in the wind. I really question the quality of these chairs and hope they last longer than I think there going to. Comfort wise they are ok, But like I said the lock doesn't hold, Cheap design, Spins itself loose. Im 188 lbs the chair held me fine, cup holder tray is a plus I guess. I think you get what you pay for in these chairs, Buyers be careful may be better options out thereUpdate 7-12-17: Chairs got rained on and rusted!! I have NEVER seen an outdoor product rust in less than 24 hrs! Powder coat used, must be the cheapest offered (if chairs are actually indeed powder coated??? ) Believe what others say!! Spend extra $ and get a better chair. If I hadn't received chairs in Trashed box I would return! Definitely a big fail and worst purchase I have probably made on Amazon. Hopefully you read reviews and don't make the same mistake, this is a warning!! Im being generous with the 2 star...
Great chairs but are seconds

3.0 out of 5.0 by Trombone Rick on February 24, 2017
I really like these chairs but note that both were incorrectly assembled. One has the right side locking device installed on the inside of the arm. The other has a missing rivet on the foot guard. I would call these factory seconds, new but with defects
Watch out for a very painful finger pinch

4.0 out of 5.0 by DKC on March 5, 2017
Having just received these chairs after reading a good number of the reviews, I was shocked to find that while many reviewers complained that the locking mechanism did not "hold" the chair in position effectively, no-one mention the finger pinching potential if you grip the arm above the knob allowing your fingers to get between the top of the knob when in the upright position but if left there when moving the chair to full recline the space between the underside of the arm and the knob diminishes to nothing resulting in a very painful finger pinch. VERY DANGEROUS!!I removed the knob and locking mechanism to eliminate this hazard and still found that the chair stayed put in any position relying on the natural balance that results from the inherent zero gravity design.
Good chairs with one warning

5.0 out of 5.0 by James from AZ on May 13, 2017
No rust on mine they look good an function as expected. One caveat, they are smaller than my old one. I'm 5'9" and I fit good but if you're over 6' you might have some comfort issues. Also they don't seem to lay back quite as far as my old ones. Still a great bargain
Rusted and Corroded

1.0 out of 5.0 by Greg Laughlin on August 23, 2016
I just opened the package. All the bolts in the chairs are rusty and corroded. On the bottom the metal bar is completely rusted.

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