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Alternative Imagination Premium California White Sage 4 Inch Smudge Sticks - 3 Pack, Brand

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3 Bundles of Sage - Each stick is approximately 4 inches long High quality, true Salvia apiana Grown in California, packaged in USA Use for smudging rituals and home fragrance

Customers Reviews

Should have listened to the "DON'T BE FOOLED LIKE ME!" review

2.0 out of 5.0 by BEXLEY on May 30, 2017
In the past I always purchased my Sage/Smudge sticks from my local Botanica. I wanted to try these out because of their price & convenience.Got them in the mail and fired one up. It burned for 30-40 seconds then died. I ended up unraveling the stick to see the inside.... pure stem.I gave this prod. 2 STARS only because I got the sage to burn longer once I broke the stick into small sections. However, this is 1/4 the amount of sage/burn I thought I'd be getting.I will not purchase this 3pck again. I won't even purchase sage off Amazon again.Photos:1.) Packaging2.) Stick (only looks like the burn went down far because I re-lit it from different angles trying to encourage the flame)3.) Before breaking open4.) Stick dissembled5.) Small section FINALLY burning

2.0 out of 5.0 by RO on July 21, 2016
I like to sage my place once a year and usually go to my nearest health food store but thought I should try buying on Amazon. The small bag of sage is pitiful. There is barely anything to burn besides the thread that is wrapped around it. The length is 4 inches but the thickeness is barely an inch thick. Don't buy if your looking for a big bundle to burn throughout the house.

1.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on April 24, 2016
These are deceivingly beautiful, but worthless. All 3 of my smudging sticks barely burned 1/2 inch and died. So, I began to break them apart and they are sage stems wrapped in sage leaves. The stems do not burn of course. This is very deceptive and disgraceful. Very disappointed customer...
Sticks and Soot City

1.0 out of 5.0 by Jeff on March 11, 2018
Not many leaves, mostly larger “sticks” in the middle. This product does not burn correctly. Over-dried with very little natural oils. The end result is a smell of burned corn husk. Ash burns blackish, leaving a free bonus gift of soot. Do I like it? No sir.
Sage smudging cleansed home of long term illness residue

5.0 out of 5.0 by Lois Lane on April 20, 2017
The white sage is an excellent product and very useful for smudging away all the negative energy in my home. I've been diagnosed with two cancers, one incurable, and after 19 months decided it was time to cleanse some of the energy such an illness creates. This product created for me a more peaceful environment. Thank you.
Smells like urine.

1.0 out of 5.0 by JMarie on August 9, 2016
This sage Literally smells like cat urine. It was awful. I am not looking forward to smudging with this, and The company will not let me return it. What a waste of 7$. Buyers beware.
LOOK to the Earth to Heal Negativity. Plants Come from the Earth and Sage is a Plant, Nothing Toxic or Man Made...

5.0 out of 5.0 by Skylamor on October 30, 2016
These are perfect. It helps to know and understand the purpose of smudging or burning sage.They are used to cleanse the aura around the body and areas around the house if certain "negative things" have been going on. It really is a great energetic cleanser coming from the viewpoint of an energy practitioner. Everyone in my family loves these and I taught them the history around burning sage and how to purify the house. If you do google 'White Sage Smudging' you will find a plethora of information on this subject. Know they have a plant smell when burned. If you are looking for sage that has more of an incense smell then buy that particular kind. You are supposed to light incense after the purification to finish the process anyway.These burned great, removed the bad vibes, and lifted the moods of everyone! You can never sage too much. And, its all natural, nothing toxic added or man made. Look to the earth to heal negativity. Plants come from the earth and sage is a plant. It makes sense. You'll see and understand after smudging sage what myself and many others are talking about. I will purchase these again from Alternative Imagination. Highly Recommended!
Mine came with stems in the middle so they don't ...

3.0 out of 5.0 by Samantha DeJesus on July 17, 2016
Mine came with stems in the middle so they don't burn long at all. Maybe about 20 seconds then the smoke gets really thin. I legit have to set it on fire for the smoke to come out thicker and longer. They do last a long time though and I still use them I just have to keep the lighter in my hand

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