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DigyDog No Bark Collar S/M/L, No Shock Vibration & Sound Humane Training Device, Control Your Pet with Anti Barking Dog Collars Free LED Tag Included

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HARMLESS AND HUMANE ( No Pain No harm ) – The DigyDog No Bark collar Warning Sound & Vibration Collar effectively reduces your dog’s barking safely without causing him any pain or distress , like shock collar cause. Using a progressive high frequency ultrasonic sound and vibration painless stimulus non shocking with 6 level sensitivity adjustment and sleep mode it helps to prevent and control your dog’s barking and train your dog in painless way with No Shock to stop bark . STYLISH AND HIGH QUALITY DESIGN – The sensor and vibrating slim unit is made from a solid piece of durable plastic and the collar has an adjustable strap (10-22 inch) made from comfortable Nylon. It has a new beautiful design of paw on it which will make your dog look even cuter ! You will get 2 colors free to use blue and orange and you will get a cool Gift from us – led tag for your dog’s collar . SUITABLE FOR ALL DOG SIZES – The DigyDog best Vibration Collar works effectively on small and medium to large dogs and XLarge . We recommend using the collar on little dogs over 5 lbs to big dogs . This anti-bark collar is perfect to use for all breeds from pugs and terriers to Labradors 5 pound to 150 pounds . BATTERY OPERATED –This electronic vibration collar devices uses a common classic 6V 4LR44 alkaline one mini battery (also known as PX28A, A544, K28A, V34PX) extra battery included for free . FAST TRAINING – Our Electric automatic smart collar is designed to quickly and efficiently change your dog’s barking behavior. The combination of warning beep and vibration teach your dog in a short time to stop bark to avoid the annoying beep and the sense of vibration which it feels when barking .

Customers Reviews

Awesome product!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Amazon Customer on April 30, 2017
Our cute little dog is barking non-stop and our neighbors keep complaining so I looked for a new way to quiet him that doesn’t involve electric shock, and this one seemed perfect. once we got it we tested it on us first and it doesn't hurt at all! So we just put it on him, and haven't heard a bark since. He seems fine, and was just a bit confused in the first hour or two. Now he knows what the sound means and instantly is quiet right away. I'll update this post if that changes, but so far so good!
Crank Has Some Barking Issues

5.0 out of 5.0 by PossumQueen on July 22, 2017
Crank Has Some Barking IssuesLet me tell you about Crank. Crank is A high strung 18 month old jack russell and feist mix dog. He is the yapper from hell! We love him dearly and knew there would be some issues when we got him 5 months ago. Barking is what he does best and when he is outside I don’t mind a bit. It’s when we are in the house and he just sits gives you a stare and starts barking incessantly. Luckily, a dear friend is a veterinarian and was able to offer some help with this issue.Crank is a breed of dog that is prone to barking a lot. My friend made some observations and his outside barking seemed to normal and for the right reasons. Then when he was observed indoors that’s when my friend noticed the problem. Crank is expecting undivided attention or treats and when his demands are not met he barks and doesn’t stop. Well, this dog momma is not playing that game! Now, how do Crank and I fix this? My friend told me that Crank could benefit from a no bark collar.Upon being told my dog needs a no bark collar I begin to panic a bit. I’m NOT going to inflict pain on my dog! Then I got a little education on the different types of collars. I ultimately chose a 100% safe with no shock that causes NO pain. The one I got is a DigyDog Anti Bark Sound and Vibration Collar and it is humane and harmless.We have been using the collar for about 3 weeks now. It is still a work in progress and the collar is helping. When he begins to bark (only the indoor barks that were established as “not normal”) he received warning sounds and after 3 barks the collar emits warning sound plus vibration. Crank usually gets to 5 barks (4 seconds warning sound plus 1.5 seconds of vibration) and settles down. He has come a long way and I’m pleased with with how well the collar is working.
Sweet, sweet, silence.

4.0 out of 5.0 by Anne Schwartz on July 27, 2017
UPDATED REVIEW/DOWNGRADING TO 4 STARS -- We've had this collar for a few months now and while IT DOES do it's job, there are some major flaws in its design. First, when the battery dies it emits a beep every few seconds, maybe (10-15?). The battery died yesterday and when my husband came home from work our poor dog was FREAKED OUT because the thing had been beeping constantly. It could have been all day, or for a few minutes, we don't know. Either way the poor dog was panicked and frazzled because it wouldn't stop. Second, the collar is very sensitive. When our #2 dog, the one not wearing it, barks near dog #1 who IS wearing it, it will set off the collar. Even when our 4 year old is playing near dog #1 and she is screaming, screeching and making loud noises it will set it off. I'm not sure what solution there is for that but it's worth mentioning.Don't spend $80 on a shock collar from Petco. In fact, don't buy a shock collar at all, get THIS! My Jack Russell would bark at everything and nothing and within 2 days of using the DigyDog No Bark Collar, the barking has stopped. It's even helped curb the barking of our second dog, who isn't wearing it! Best $40 I ever spent.
Highly Recommend!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Bryan Blundell on December 5, 2017
This bark collar is amazing! I didn't want a shock collar or to have to refill a spray collar, so I decided to give this a try, but I was skeptical. I have a miniature schnauzer that is a barker - and I mean high pitched and frantic whenever she sees another dog or person outside the fence. I put this on her when we went into the yard, and thankfully there was someone walking by. She immediately ran to the fence and started barking, and the collar started beeping at her and then began vibrating (because she was still barking). She tried to get away from it and shook her head, but she stopped barking! She barked a few more times but would immediately stop when the beeping began. This thing is amazing! If I could give it 10 stars I would. She no longer barks like a maniac, and I know she is not being hurt in any way. I even put it on her in the house now when I know people are coming over, and it works inside too! You can just see how much she is dying to bark, but she doesn't. I'm very hopeful that this will be short-term necessity and that it will ultimately train her to where we won't need to collar. I am one happy dog owner now!
Disappointed and returning

1.0 out of 5.0 by N_H on November 30, 2017
Compared to all the pictures posted, this collar amd device is in fact, huge. You can adjust the collar but it's still very big, even on a 10lb dog.I put in the battery and the light never came on. It beeped while I put the battery in but not when I tested it out. I checked all the settings but it didn't work even though I knew it was on because if you changed the settings, it would beep. Tried it on the dog and besides the bulkiness, it did not beep when he barked.Overall I'm disappointed and will be returning this.
Worked great until it got wet!

3.0 out of 5.0 by Katie on June 6, 2017
My yard is directly up against a ball park. my dog would bark at the kids all through their games and practices. When i remember to put the collar on she barks once, hears the beep, barks again, hears the beeeeeeep and stops. It is rare that we get to the 3 beeeeeeeeep/vibrate. Most trips out she no longer wears the collar, only when i know there is practice/game. She tests to see if the beep will go off with a small grrrr, it super cute.Brought it to my mother's house when we had a fire, because the dog will bark the entire time, 1 beep and she stopped!!!!Update: it got wet, no longer works correctly. Beeps randomly and at no noise at all.

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