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Aikmi Clip Fan Battery Operated Portable Stroller Fans Cute Whale Design Rechargeable USB Personal Desk Fan Adjustable Tilt Whisper Quiet Operation (Green 2019)

by Aikmi

Price QAR 102.97 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 23 Oct - 26 Oct



❆SUPER EASY TO USE❆ Battery Operated Clip Fan used rechargeable battery, easily clip on anywhere. Good for baby stroller, home, office, gym, laptop, treadmill, golf cart, car backseat, outdoors, camping, travel, beach and anywhere you need cool wind. ❤CUTE STROLLER FAN❤ Cute Whale Open the Mouth, Ka-chow, Ka-chow, Ka-chow! They can bite of anywhere, whale mouth sponge pad will not make the place caught damage, can be convenient and solid grip things. Let the lovely small stroller fan clip on it. ☑MUTE AND STRONG AIRFLOW☑ This clip on fan has high quality brushless and stepless speed regulation motor, high speed but low noise. Prepare to be blown away. But it will not disturb you when you are working or sleeping, enjoy freshing and quiet summer. ☺PORTABLE AND DURABLE☺ Little body and light weight, the desk fan powered by 18650 rechargeable battery(INCLUDED), if the battery end of life, You can find it on Amazon easily. 2.5~6 hours working time depend on different speed. Battery compartment for the removable structure, Easy maintenance and replacement of the battery. If you traveling want to use it for a long long time, Please carry more batteries. ☎SAFELY AND TRUSTED☎ Life Safer in Hot Summer-it is getting hotter and you can't stop sweating? This portable fan is exactly what you need to keep you Cool through out the entire hot season. Each personal fan is subjected to multiple rigorous tests before being sold. Any Problems Related Your Order, Please Feel Free to Contact Us by Clicking the Button “Contact the Seller”, Replacement or Refund with No Hassle, Buy with Confidence Now.

Customers Reviews

We don’t go anywhere without this fan!

4.0 out of 5.0 by L Marchese on September 19, 2018
I got this fan during the summer when I started attending a workout group that was held outside for an hour long. When my little girl was very small and we were still using a travel system jogging stroller where the car seat would clip into the stroller it seemed like the car seat was just so hot and not breathable at all. This fan saved my baby from sweating when we were out in the heat. After I got her this she’d usually end up sleeping through the entire class. Now we don’t go anywhere without it! I love that you can charge it at home or in the car. I will say that even when it’s fully charged the battery won’t last more than a couple hours if you have the fan on full blast. I sometimes use a power bank to hook up to it when it dies too quickly.
Useful and quite

5.0 out of 5.0 by Mis Adams on July 4, 2018
Found this product by a strange family on our local night market, they were having 3 fans on 2 strollers in a hot weather night, their kids seems not got bother by the heat, and i felt I had found a treasure! Never know there has portable fans for stroller use.After received, I using it for cool down baby’s food, using it whenever we go to the park in hot weather even in side our car( when you having a baby on car seat , never get the car cool down fast enough) , it’s really quite and feel made with quality material , the battery last pretty long too. I will offer this product in my “mommy’s group.
Highly recommend

4.0 out of 5.0 by Jason on June 8, 2019
We purchased this fan for our family Disney trip to clip onto our toddlers double stroller. I like the size and speed of this fan. I do wish the battery either lasted longer or that it either came with a spare battery or wouldn’t need a screw driver to change the battery. It does, however, have capability to plug in to a portable charger, which kept it running and charging at the same time. It can easily be turned on in luggage or the bottom of the stroller because it doesn’t “click” on and off so just be careful with your placement. Overall I would highly recommend this fan for theme park trips, zoo trips or even just for taking kids for a walk on a hot day. At one point I even had it clipped to my baby carrier blowing on my baby and myself.
Small but mighty!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michael K on August 7, 2019
I bought this fan for my 11 year olds room. She gets very hot at night, despite the central air going. This fan is perfect! It clips on her bed post (she has a canopy type of bed frame, so it has small posts) and I ordered the green, so it matches her pastels theme in her room. The clip holds tight, so no slipping down the post. I love that it was fully charged upon arrival. You can control the flow and it blasts out the cool air. Very nice!
Actually works and has a rechargeable battery!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Michelle H. Tucker on May 30, 2019
It’s 100 degrees where I live and I have 2 children under 2! My youngest is only 6 weeks and this heat is awful. With this fan I can take her outside and help keep her cool. It clips onto anything! I love the fact it has a rechargeable battery!!!!! So far I have used it on her bassinet, stroller, and her pack and play. My 2 yr old loves it as well! When he starts getting too hot he will sit down with the fan and say, “It’s cool down time!”
Small, but Mighty

5.0 out of 5.0 by Diana L. Gentry on August 20, 2019
I was looking for a fan to use while sitting in my home office to help move the hot Texas air around without turning my AC down any lower. This fan does the trick. It’s small, but mighty. I can clip it onto my desk lamp and plug it into my laptop to charge. The fan is very quiet so it doesn’t bother me while I’m on the phone or trying to concentrate. What’s also nice is that the fan can go with me anywhere I go and the battery can last up to six hours depending on how high I adjust the fan speed. I like the whale clip because I like anything nautical or ocean-related so this fan suits me perfectly.
Super Portable, Various Speeds, Amazing Price & Battery Operated - Colorful too!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by AmazonLoverTX on July 18, 2019
I needed something a little extra for the summer months while in the office. This fan is perfect! Comes with a USB Cord and has a Lithium Battery. I originally thought it would require C or D batteries, definitely not the case which is SUPER nice. I bought pink since it matches my office décor (tape dispenser, stapler, scissors, etc) which was a plus since my desk is soo visible to everyone. Works very well and has various speeds. I find the low speed works best when an air conditioned room. This fan is staying right here for the remainder of the super hot Texas Heat!
Must have for kids for summer outings

5.0 out of 5.0 by Heather on August 12, 2019
With four kids portable fans are a must have. It’s an awesome little extra to pack when you’re going to an outdoor event. Rechargeable ones are the best option as most places now have outlets so you can it plug it in as needed. You can attach these to strollers, chairs, and tables. Perfect for a few hours at the beach or a fun day at the zoo. Keep your little ones calm because they tend to get fussy if they are uncomfortable. Great for school aged kids and teens too. I picked this one out specifically for my teen that hates going outside. I figured a fan in her favorite color would make the experience at the upcoming state fair less miserable for her. The whale clip is super cute and it has a non slip pad to help keep it secure to whatever your attaching it to. This fan is small but powerful. It puts out as much air as a regular size desk fan and you can adjust the speed. I haven’t ran it for a long period of time yet to speak on the battery life.

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