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APEMAN WiFi Camera 1080P Pet Camera Baby Monitor Compatible with Alexa Home IP Wireless Security Camera Motion Tracking/Detection 2-Way Audio IR Night Vision Pan/Tilt/Zoom


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🐾【Body Tracking & Motion Detection】Smarter body tracking technology & Real-time motion alerts, Apeman pet camera makes it easier to keep an eye on your pets or kids and know what happens to your home. 🐩【Works with Alexa & Two-Way Audio】Free your hands, ask Alexa to show where you want to monitor. Two-way audio enables you to communicate with your pets, comfort your baby or scare away home invaders. 👶【1080P FHD Image & IR Night Vision 】With 1920*1080P full HD resolution & 9 built-in infrared LED lights, Apeman wifi camera secures your home day and night. Greater image quality brings you peace of mind even when you’re not arround. 💒【Cloud Service & Security Encryption】Security encryption protocol guards your personal privacy. You can choose cloud service or sd card to save those recording media files, which could only be watched by yourself. 👪【Control Remotely & Mult-Users】Control the wifi camera even when you are thousands of miles away. One-click share function, share all happiness time with your families. Our support email:

Customers Reviews

Works Great for Pets AND as a Security Camera!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Taylortnr4 on June 24, 2019
I have purchased several Apeman products, including the outdoor security camera and the older indoor security cameras, and they all work great! I'm happy to say this one works great as well! It can move automatically and track movement as well as setup motion alerts. It was VERY easy to setup and can actually provide a 360 degree view. I tried posting a video to show this but amazon wont let me post a video. The camera moves pretty quickly in my opinion. The two way audio is another bonus. I have a 64GB high endurance SD card which is meant for constant recording in situations such as a security camera. the SD card can only be accessed if the camera is pointed all the way up - I think this is a bonus in case someone were to break in. It comes with a USB adapter, screws, a cable, and the camera comes in a bubblewrap bag! I was surprised to see that the packaging was so adequate, most only come in a thin plastic bag. The night vision works excellent and the black color fits well with just about and decorations.I highly recommend the camera for indoor security!Tip: to keep the camera on even when the power goes out, I have it plugged into a portable USB battery and then plugged the battery into the charger. When the power goes out the camera starts using the battery power! Of course there is no internet, but I can access the videos once I'm at my apartment! or the power comes back on.
Full Review (everything you need to know about this camera Pros & Cons and Tips)

5.0 out of 5.0 by Jeremy W. on July 24, 2019
Pros:-Surprising excellent image quality-IR night image quality is excellent-Impressive longitudinal motion tracking detection range-Advanced app interface for multiple cameras-App has cool logic loop functions-Audio capture and 2-way talk-MicroSD memory or live recording via the appCons:-The app interface has a learning curve-Motion tracking is not lateral (only horizontal)I was delighted at the image detail, this including night time recording (IR). (see attached photos), and the audio is pretty clear. The motion tracking is pretty effective, and it’s a lovely feature. The two-way audio lets you hear and speak through the camera. My poor dog always thinks I’m somewhere in the house hiding from him. The viewing range is impressive, and it’s pretty neat to be able to remotely look around when I’m not home (and check on the dog).I have mine set to turn on when motion is detected instead of allowing it to run continuously. I chose not to engage in the cloud capture service (both for its monthly cost and for data privacy reasons). You do need a class 3 microSD, and I recommend the 128GB as it seems to have a tremendous amount of space available when just running the motion capture mode (about 3 months for me).You should format your card to FAT before inserting into the camera; the camera will ask you to format it anyway via your phone app. (I ran into some trouble here as my microSD was in ex-FAT and the app would get stuck in a formatting loop, never actually reformatting the card). The newest app update will begin formatting the card but freeze, and the camera will reboot, however after the restart the microSD card will be formatted!The app itself was a little bit of a learning curve for me as the menus were not super intuitive at first use, but after a bit of navigation, it’s easy to understand and fluid to use. Consider disabling the app notifications about motion being detected, which is great if you on vacation, but I don’t care for the tons of notifications I get every time the dog is walking around.The app has some cool logic loop settings (if/or/and type command loops). I thought this was really cool. I have it set to activate this (pet) camera when motion is detected outside.The app has some setting with your phones GPS for triggers for when you are home or away, but I don’t like that always running in my phone background killing my battery life, the motion detection option was way better for me.One thing I want to point out here that I did not understand from the item description is the 2.4GHz WiFi connectivity. To clarify, you must connect the camera to your router via 2.4GHz; however, most routers are dual-band (2.4 & 5GHz). This means you can still keep your phone on 5Ghz mode and access the camera’s remote viewing through your home network. Once you have made the initial 2.4GHz connection during set up and you are connected to your router, your good. You can then swap your phone back to the 5GHz mode and view the camera content via the app with no problems. As I mentioned before, I am using the SD only, motion capture mode, and I can view my camera live feed when I am at work (no cloud needed).From inside the phone app, you have a calendar that displays a timeline of events for a selected day. When looking at a timeline, you can two-finger zoom (opposite of pinch gesture) to scale the timeline to smaller intervals (which is quite useful). Also, when you are in live feed mode, you can zoom the camera a little bit too (which is also a bit handy!).This is my third APEMAN camera product, and I’m pleased to say they are robust and have a long life. Overall, I feel it’s a solid camera with excellent range, features, and image quality.
A nice IP Camera full of features

5.0 out of 5.0 by Terry M on August 14, 2019
 The Apeman ID75A camera pairs up well with the TuyaSmart app that is recommended in the instruction booklet provided. Didn’t take me long to set up this camera and have it online ready to view and record. I’m using the 64GB class 10 micro SD card instead of the cloud service.The 355-degree lateral movement/recording is wonderful and a great selling point. We found the body tracking and motion detection technology works well. I had to turn off the motion alerts, as it was catching my dog moving around and constantly send me alerts.Image quality in low light conditions and lighted conditions is superb. The night vision performs well (video attached).The 2-way audio is clear in both directions. I can hear what is going on via the app, and the person/animal being recorded can hear the person speaking to them from the app.Overall, a nice camera full of features.
Very satisfied

5.0 out of 5.0 by Aldarkhangai on August 1, 2019
 I have purchased this camera cause i go back to work, so i could check in on my husband with my newborn. It was very easy to install less than 5 min. Move around from place to place and comes with the option adding memory card to recording videos. I am very happy to watch and hear them from my phone. Also able to talk them through camera. Love love it.
Cool camera

5.0 out of 5.0 by Alice yang on July 10, 2019
This camera is so cool that I can even communicated with my kids while I am at work. I can see what they are doing at home. Sometime they don't answered my phone called. I would called them on the camera. This camera turned 360 degree. I can see it all around. The camera is like a walky talky kind a talk. I have to takes turn. For the night vision and the picture quality is not bad at all. This camera is east to install and very simple to use the apps. For price of this camera go for it. I love it so much.
smart iP security camera with a lot of great features!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Ayanie12 on August 3, 2019
 This camera works great in my baby’s bedroom! The features are awesome such as motion detection, night vision, two way audio, and pan,tilt zoom-in. Buying this is really worth it and it’s affordable too. The image quality is awesome and you can see it in the video I uploaded including the photo. You can actually choose to do SD or HD option for image quality. I prefer using HD cause that’s what looks best and we have a strong internet connection inside our house even if it’s 2.4ghz range. This is compatible with your iOS or android phones too and what makes it more interesting is it works with Alexa! This is a smart IP camera and I love using this.

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