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Two Pack Analog 3D Joy con Joystick Replacement for Nintendo Switch,joycon Switch joysticks compatiable with Left joycon Right Switch Joy con Controller Full NS Repair Tool Set(19 in 1)

by Wattne

Price QAR 76.7 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 23 Oct - 26 Oct


★Nintendo Switch Joy Con joystick replacement repair tool kit works for Left or Right joy con joystick, replaces your broken, worn-out, insensitive or drift analog joystick. Perfect solution to bring your controller back to life! ★Upgrade quality, our joystick are made of superior compact material, metal lock buckles instead of plastic buckles, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to break like the original. ★Professional & complete repair repairing tool kit are included, 2 x replacement joystick, 6 x screws, 1 x "Y" tri-wing screwdriver, 1 x "+" cross screwdriver, 1 x tweezer, 1 x pry bar 1 x pry tool and 6 x colorful thumbstick caps. ★Easy installation, it comes with precise screwdrivers and repair tool kits, and equipped with 6 non-slip functional colorful thumbstick caps and play for as long as you can without slipping. ★NOTE: We are endeavour to provide first class services and products, if parcel arrived broken&missing parts&items not working well, please contact us we would arrange refund&replacement. Please calibrate the joystick using Nintendo switch setting after installation if it drifts.

Customers Reviews

The replacement joy sticks came defected

5.0 out of 5.0 by Juan Acevedo on June 14, 2019
 Update #2 They took care of my problem and helped me more than i was expecting and that not a lot of business do now a day. Thank you so much guys!UPDATE: They contacted me very kindly and offer to help my problem. i really apreciate their customer service. I will update soon after everything is resolved.The tools are great and works just fine. The problem is with the replacements joy sticks. not just one came defective but both of them. They both have the same defect as my original joy stick. it makes my character move by it self. Im disapointed cuz the main purpose of this not just only have the tools. But to get rid of my problem. But nope still has the problem. It used to move to the left by it self. Now it just moves down by its self. I would like replacements for the joy sticks. The tools are fine. Just not the joysticks im unhappy with the purchase becuase of it. Be cause the problem persist. It would of been a great buy if at the replacements would work.
Better than buying a new set of controllers

5.0 out of 5.0 by JJR on June 17, 2019
My right joy con would drift down constantly. It made playing some games almost impossible. After contacting Nintendo they said it would cost $45 and take 2-3 weeks to fix it because my warranty was up. This kit arrived at my house in about 24 hours and I had the controller fixed in under a half hour. I watched a youtube video on how to take the controller apart and replace the joystick. As someone who has absolutely no experience with anything like this it was rather intimidating to take it apart. The youtube video walked through every screw and every step required. My joycon work just about like new now. This solution was far superior to either sending it in to get fixed or buying a new set.

5.0 out of 5.0 by Dyreka Klaus on June 2, 2019
My 6yo’s switch joysticks were sticking, so I ordered this kit. My 17yo was able to fix his little brother’s controllers in less than an hour. He didn’t even look up the how-to videos on YT. He said it was fiddly, but self-explanatory. The Switch is functional again and we saved 60 bucks!
AMAZING Customer Service

5.0 out of 5.0 by Brittany on June 9, 2019
It’s very possible that I’m doing this wrong and am just a huge idiot, but it seems like the Y screwdriver was too big. I can’t even get the screws to turn. I tried, my mom tried, my dad tried.EDIT: I was IMMEDIATELY contacted multiple times by Andrew and got quick replies each time, which was very nice. My screws were already stripped, but he was very helpful and sent me a kit with a different size screwdriver. Even if the first kit did not work for me, I’m a sucker for great customer service and so I’m changing my original review.
Great Solution to Analog Drift

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sarah on June 22, 2019
Like other reviewers, I'm running into an issue that the Y screwdriver is too big for the screws. I can't get the controller apart to see if the parts work.Edit: I worked with the seller on my problem and they sent me new set of screwdrivers and a smaller Y screwdriver. They were so kind and eager to help throughout the whole process, and I could not be more thankful. I've now successfully replaced the analog stick in my Joycon and it works perfectly again. This is a great kit if you have no experience repairing electronics like me and comes with everything you need.(Note: The new analog stick will still seem a little wonky until you calibrate it under System Settings.)
Perfect! Easy to use!

5.0 out of 5.0 by Julia Dolence on July 6, 2019
This is perfect! My right analog on my joycon was acting up and not responding. I decided not to buy a new pair right away I'd rather try and fix it. This kit came with everything I needed and even came with some extra screws and some analog covers. It was simple to install, the instructions were easy to follow. I'd highly recommend trying this product before you spend $60 on new cons.
Worked perfectly

5.0 out of 5.0 by Christoper Niles on June 2, 2019
The tools that came with the kit were inexpensive, but served their purpose well. After watching a video on how to perform the joystick replacement on youtube, using the provided tools I was able to replace the joystick in my left joy con, which was drifting to the left. I then had an issue, that I posted in this review, but the company contacted me with a recommendation which completely resolved my issue. I would add more stars if I could!
Things are better now

5.0 out of 5.0 by jayden on June 20, 2019
So I was going to change my rating up from 1 star to 2 or 3, because I really enjoy the thumb grips that came with for the joycon as well...But then, unknown to me the producer of this product sent me a another kit, this time containing the right screwdriver needed for the repair of my joycon. This has been a great demonstration of customer service, and I am very happy with the product.

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