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Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs - 1pc Medium Collectible Scented Shimmer Plush Toy in Perfume

Price QAR 67.42 In Stock

Estimate to be delivered 21 Nov - 24 Nov



New from the sweet world of Pikmi Pops, Cheeki Puffs are an irresistibly cute range of collectable plush characters packed with scented shimmer. Includes (1) scented shimmer plush displayed inside (1) collectible perfume bottle, (1) surprise message and (1) collector's guide. Each surprise scented plush character comes packaged inside 1 of 6 assorted perfume bottles. There are 4 beautiful shimmer shades to sparkle up your day: rainbow, pink, purple and teal. Each dab will leave you with a soft, scented, sparkling glow! Collect all 40+ characters across the range and get your shimmer on!

Customers Reviews

Do not buy NO smell or shimmer

1.0 out of 5.0 by JENNIFER F. on November 6, 2019
This was one of the dumbest things I've ever spent money on. I am SO glad I got the small 1st to see what it was... when my daughter opened this she was very excited and then quickly disappointed. It hardly smells at all, even straight out if the package. We didnt see ANY glitter or sparkle even after smashing it on my leg over and over. There is NO LOOSE DUST. I guess they tried to put it inside the pikmi???? The power of suggestion said it SHOUKD be there, but we couldn't quite trick ourselves into "seeing" it. We were SOOOOO Disappointed. You couldnt pay ME to get another LOL and that's a shame because we LOVE pikmi pops around here

5.0 out of 5.0 by Sandra Busch on November 7, 2019
very happy with this purchase
Love it!!!

5.0 out of 5.0 by abhi on November 4, 2019
My daughter loved it
Why did I get this

2.0 out of 5.0 by MyPenName on October 4, 2019
This may be the most stupid thing I've ever gotten the kids.You get: 1) the plastic container which they're calling a perfume bottle but it doesnt look like one at all.2) a sheet of 3 tiny stickers which they are calling temporary tattoos3) a cheap clear colored plastic ball with a face on a string4) the puff. We got the purrfume cat and she smells very slightly like berry.There is NOTHING MESSY whatsoever because there is no loose glitter etc. The glitter and confetti is just decoration on the bottle... it's not loose and doesnt come out. It wont get on the kids at all.There is the TINIEST bit of sparkle that comes out of the puff and onto the skin, but you have to smack it so hard on your skin and so many times before you can even tell it is there. It is not like the product video at all. It takes so much effort to get some out and you can barely see it at all. It doesnt come out in puffs and you cant shake it out all over the place etc. Not messy at all.Not much to it at all. Just a puff ball (like a powder puff) with a flat plastic face and the container.
Very disappointing. It is nothing like the description!

1.0 out of 5.0 by roxycowgirl on October 9, 2019
This is not my favorite surprise toy. For starters it is way overpriced for what it is. They should call them pretend play toys because you have to have quite a bit of imagination. The plastic container (AKA perfume bottle) makes it look better than it actually is. It has a window on the front with glitter and sparkles but it is sealed in and not accessible. The container is large making you think the contents will fill it up, but again you have a little surprise animal. Ours is a purple dog that smells like grape cough syrup.Apparently it has glitter in it too... I couldn’t tell until I read the description. After beating my arm with it several times I did see the smallest smidgen of shimmer. It is very fine and requires brute force to get it out. Thankfully the perfume aspect of it is equally as unimpressive. Maybe if you slept on it all night it would transfer scent, but the dabbing/hitting didn’t work. The cough syrup smell is not an attractive scent I want my child smelling like either, so the lack of smell was a good thing for me.It also comes with a cheap ball and some tattoos. The tattoos are so small that my daughter thought the whole page was one tattoo and put all of them on her arm.In my opinion the advertising and packaging made it seem much better than it was. It should be priced at half as much and that’s still a stretch. This is a fail for me. My daughter wasn’t excited about it either.
Complete junk

1.0 out of 5.0 by FLFamily on October 21, 2019
This may be one of the worst "toys" ever. I got this for my 7-year-old daughter and she and I were both confused when she opened it. She received a plastic animal head on a string about the size of a quarter, a set of tattoos that aren't real tattoos (they're just stickers), and the Pikmi Pop Puff. We received the pink Pikmi and it smells like strawberries. The Pikmi has a slight shimmer you can rub on your body and you are supposed to store it in the perfume container it comes in and I guess it is for display? So, for the price of $10 you receive about $1 worth of stuff in the bottle that is full of a toxic chemical scent.This is supposed to be a collect them all sort of toy, so you know, buy one for your child, see the insert with all the others you can collect, and then go spend around $200 to purchase all of the other toys so your child can collect them all. YEAH RIGHT! That won't be happening here and I really don't understand the hype. I've seen these Pikmi Puffs on the aisle end-caps in big box stores, taunting every little girl who walks buy to buy one so they can see which mystery creature they receive.My daughter has zero interest in this and it will for sure end up in the trash soon. Don't waste your money.
Smaller and not as nice as it looks here but my niece enjoyed the gift.

3.0 out of 5.0 by PattyT on October 12, 2019
The Pikmi Pops Cheeki Puffs are a cute idea but the video and description make this little set look much nicer and bigger than it really is. We got the pink puff. The plastic container is a decent size, not as big as it appears on this page but not tiny. My six year old niece likes the flashy shimmery stuff but it is unattainable, housed in between the plastic of the container. The little (Very little) puff is cute but barely has any scent. We detected some sort of berry or fruit but nothing discernible. It is definitely not "perfume". We also didn't get much shimmer from the puff. Certainly nothing like the video above shows. Just a tiny bit after several tappings. The surprise gifts are a sheet of tiny sticker tattoos and a little plastic key chain-like thing.Basically, everything is cheap and smaller than pictured. But my niece did like the set despite that. Looking at it from an adult perspective, I was very disappointed in the set. But my niece enjoyed playing with it for a while and has the container on her dresser so it appeals to the target audience. I think this was quite pricey for the quality and underwhelming but your child may love it, especially if he or she is into miniature, sparkly things.

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